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    Jason & Rhonda 
    Jason was born and raised in Ohio and joined the workforce right out of high school.  Along the way, Jason took an interest in MMA and pursued a career as a professional MMA fighter for 14 years.  After fighting the best of the best, Jason decided that it was finally time to retire. 
    Rhonda also grew up in Ohio and joined the Army right out of high school.  After several duty stations and deployments, she returned back home to Ohio and finished her Bachelor's degree in Technical Management where she began her career in logistics and substitute teaching.
    Jason and Rhonda have been together for 7 years and now have 5 kids.  They enjoy working out, helping others, and giving back to those in need whenever the opportunity presents itself.

    Given their combined experience and skill-sets, Jason and Rhonda decided it would be fun to launch a company that reflected what they both stood for.
    That company is Gorilla Strong Apparel.
    "Stay humble, stay motivated, and if you ever have the ability to help others along the way... please do so."
    - Jason & Rhonda Riley